Sandwich panels

The main properties of sandwich panels «Russian Steel» — strength, environmental friendliness, lightness, durability, seismic resistance, a variety of color shades and surface textures.
  • Wall and roof sandwich panels for warehouse complexes ; Filling material — basalt fibre IZOVOL, polyisocyanurate foam (PIR), polystyrene foam (PS), polyurethane foam (PUR);
  • Panels for refrigerating chambers (from — 45°С to +10°С) – filling material — polystyrene foam (PS), polyisocyanurate foam (PIR);
  • Sandwich panels for shopping centers, hotels, offices and cafes — Fire-resistant panels (EI 30-90), made of stainless steel (including mirror panels), aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel with the print on surface Printech (stone, wooden texture), sound-absorbing panels, with the shaped Embossing of the panel surface;
  • Panels RPG for insulation / waterproofing of the socle of buildings, soundproofing of premises, rapid carafe-free construction of internal walls.