Autonomous / Combined power supply systems (240/400V)

Autonomous / Combined solar power station Fronius (Austria), with a capacity of 3 kW or more — any power required for shopping centers, hotels, industrial buildings and warehouses

Chargers for electric vehicles up to 100 kWh of self-generated solar energy

Integrated solutions (Building Integrated Photovoltaics, BIPV) – solar renewable energy modules and systems integrated in building architecture

  • Reduction of operation costs for the hotels and restaurants, retail and office centers, warehouse, refrigeration and agro-industrial complexes;
  • Additional investment attractiveness of the “green” architecture;
  • Installation solutions with consideration of a building architecture and environment (roof and wall panels with mounted solar cells);
  • Turnkey BIPV project implementation with further warranty and maintenance;
  • Remote monitoring, individual adjustment of the amount of electricity produced;
  • Industrial equipment on solar energy, which makes it possible to produce and store cold — an economically attractive solution for refrigeration warehouses;
  • A simple technical solution that allows you to easily and quickly integrate solar systems into existing energy systems.