Construction of prefabricated structures / Installation supervision

Prefabricated structures from sandwich panels for the creation of shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, warehouses — the main distinguishing feature is the speed of assembly, reliability, seismic, multifunctionality and economy.

Effective heat-saving technology, tested by the harsh Russian winter

  • Preparation of the project as soon as possible;
  • Convenience and quick installation is provided by the supervisor specialist;
  • Lower construction cost price, compared to traditional materials.
Prefabricated constructions have several advantages:


— Low cost price;

— Speed of assembly;

— Strength and reliability of power structures;

— High efficiency of thermal insulation (λ = 0,039 — 0,020 W / m2);

— A small weight of structures in comparison with brick or reinforced concrete;

— Aesthetics, a variety of finishes and a modern look.